Nuekie (pronounced “Nu-whe-key) is the brainchild and middle name of our founder and Chief Chemist, Eunice N. Cofie. It means, “first daughter in the family and hardworking one,” and Eunice chose this name for the brand because of how hard our products work to promote healthy, youthful looking skin. Crafted specifically for people of color, our innovative brand of health and beauty products are scientifically formulated with a unique combination of traditional African medicine and cutting edge science.

Our Founder

Born to Ghanaian parents, Eunice’s upbringing was a cultural convergence of a proud African heritage and inevitable American influence. As a girl, she was teased and bullied for her dark skin, and it would take years before she learned how to appreciate and embrace her natural beauty.


Science became a refuge and lifelong passion for her, and while studying chemistry at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, the idea for Nuekie was born. Mentored by a professor in cosmetic science, Eunice had the epiphany that beauty could be the pathway to bridge the gap between her two worlds, and bring about healing in more ways than one. After ten long years of research and development Nuekie was developed.

Our Mission

We seek to fill the overwhelming need for products on the market that cater to people of color and solve their distinct skin-related problems. Formulated with a dedicated scientific approach, our Moisture Therapy Crème moisturizes the skin, increases elasticity, and reduces wrinkles. The Pre-Cleanser Deep Cleansing Oil is powerful enough to remove dirt and other impurities from the skin, yet still gentle enough for daily use. 
We invite you to treat your skin to the quality care it deserves by learning more about our products.

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Our Philosophy


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