The Nuekie Guide to Clear Skin


5 Proven Steps to Achieving the Skin You Have Always Dreamed Of 

Do you have ethnic skin and have no idea how care for its unique needs? Are you tired of dealing with your skin issues? Do you desire clear skin? For those with ethnic skin, it can be challenging to figure out how to care for the unique needs of your skin. And that’s exactly why I want to share with you what I have discovered from many years of research in my new ebook, The Nuekie Guide to Clear Skin.

In this detailed, in-depth guide, you’ll find:

  • What the big health and beauty brands don't know about ethnic skin.
  • 7 facts about the uniqueness of ethnic skin.
  • Discover your skin type through a simple test.
  • How to create a skin care regimen that help you on your journey to clear skin. 
  • Simple steps to create a daily skin care regimen.
  • The proper tools you will need for each step of your skin care regimen. 
  • The importance of good nutrition and exercise impacts the health of your skin.
  • How to cleanse your skin properly. 
  • Why consistency is the key to breakthrough when it comes to caring for your skin.