Posted | by Eunice Cofie

Skin cancer affects millions of people every year.  Unfortunately, many with skin of color ( i.e. African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific Islander) believe they cannot get skin cancer because of their skin tone. You are not excluded!

Although the melanin acts as a natural sunscreen for skin of color, it is not enough to protect one from skin cancer.  In fact, people of color are at greater risk of skin cancer because of the lack of using preventative  measures. 

Doing self-examinations, yearly skin health check-ups with a dermatologist, and using sunscreen and protective clothing can all help to prevent skin cancer.  You can use this brochure as a guide to understand skin cancer in skin of color, learn how to do self-examinations, and to protect your skin.

For more information, on how skin cancer and its prevention in skin of color, please visit our website at


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