• I Am Not Excluded Project

    Posted | by Eunice Cofie

    Skin cancer affects millions of people every year.  Unfortunately, many with skin of color ( i.e. African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian and Pacific Islander) believe they cannot get skin cancer because of their skin tone. You are not excluded!


    Although the melanin acts as a natural sunscreen for skin of color, it is not enough to protect one from skin cancer.  In fact, people of...

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  • Why Your Hair Pomade May Be Causing Your Acne

    Posted | by Eunice Cofie

    Ever wonder why you experience acne breakouts on your forehead?  Well, it may be due to the pomade you are using to style your tresses. Pomade acne is a constant battle for women of African descent where the desire to obtain a beautiful coif can wreak havoc on the skin.

    Pomade acne is a condition caused by continuous usage of oil-based pomade or hair oil that comes in contact with the...

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